Contact us for business cooperation


欢迎致电 400-0900 933,咨询商业合作相关事宜。或访问我们的微信公众号。

Welcome to call 400-0900 933 to inquire about business cooperation. Or visit our WeChat official account.

地址:广东省深圳市福田区车公庙财富广场B座12楼DE,  13楼F

Address: 13F, 12D, 12E, Block B, Fortune Plaza,

Futian District, Shenzhen.


Product Purchase


Official product purchase link, scan the QR code to place an order online! Ships directly from the company headquarters. If there is an agent in the local area, the agent will complete the delivery and treatment-related services. Scan the code for details and consult customer service!


Product agent


For individual, store, micro-business teams and other product distribution agencies, we will provide complete product legality qualifications, test reports, trademark certificates and other information. If you want to request more product information, you can add the following WeChat account.


Channel cooperation

和实体门店、会所渠道等的疗程合作方式,我们将提供后端平台支持,助力服务商成长和发展,共同打造案例营销新模式。 详细合作事宜可添加以下微信咨询。

We will provide back-end platform support to help service providers grow and develop, and jointly create a new model of marketing. For detailed cooperation matters, please add the following WeChat account.


Case cooperation


Clinics, specialized hospitals, outpatient departments and other medical institutions, we provide cooperate with us in the fields of hair, skin, wound healing, cancer targeted therapy, diabetes, and hepatitis C. For detailed case inquiries, please add the following WeChat account.