Germinal fluid



Specially used for male hair follicle hair black technology products, does not contain any artificial hormones, whole-plant extraction, through nano-vesicle small molecular technology scalp penetration, more than 2000 clinical cases proved effective, no side effects can be used at home.

Black Technology - Nanocapsule Drug Technology



Using global patented nano-vesicle cell delivery technology, nano-nutrients directly penetrate hair follicle cells, forming a film on the surface for 6 hours to activate hair follicles, fundamentally changing the environment for hair follicle growth.

纳米囊技术 Nano-capsule Technology


With cutting-edge nano-drug application technology, nutrients penetrate deep into the hair follicle cells in seconds, maximizing the efficiency of activating hair follicle protein synthesis.


Revolutionary Technology Breakthrough


In 2018, the latest achievement of Folicone Biologics R&D Center of Kent State University in the United States broke the principle of traditional Chinese medicine for hair growth and successfully applied nano-vesicle drug delivery technology in the field of hair growth for the first time, which caused a sensation in the global male hair growth industry.


Global exclusive technology license


In 2016, People Cambridge and Folicone Biologics of the United States reached a global commercial cooperation agreement, Folicone will serve as People Cambridge's global technology research and development center, providing exclusive technology licensing.

更便捷-在家即可高效生发 Convenient - Efficient hair growth at home


Only need to apply it on the hair loss area several times a day, about 2-3 minutes each time, without other auxiliary means, you can do it yourself at home, you can take it with you on business trips, etc.


Natural hair growth, healthy and safe


No difference in appearance after smearing and absorption, and you can go out after absorption. No scalp damage, no physical damage to hair follicles or scalp, and no potential disease risk.


Comfortable to use, no pain


No irritation, pain, burning, and other uncomfortable reactions after use, no feeling after smearing, and no need to go through the pain of physical therapy and hair transplant surgery.

超安全-全植物提取 Super safe - whole plant extraction


The main ingredients of hair liquid: capsaicin, black cohosh, saw palm, soybean isoflavone, etc. are all extracted from pure herbs. Through 76 safety tests, no irritation to the skin, no side effects, no hormones, heavy metals and minoxidil components.


No hormone minoxidil, no side effects


Tested to not contain any hormones and minoxidil ingredients, without any irritation to the skin and eyes, pure herbal extracts, will not cause the side effects of minoxidil hormone therapy, such as repeated hair loss after stopping the drug, destroying men hormone metabolism, etc.


Passed the dual security inspection of China and the United States


It has been double tested by formal legal institutions in China and the United States, and passed the physical and chemical inspection of heavy metal bacteria at home and abroad, skin irritation test, eye irritation test, 41 hormone tests, and imported special makeup quality inspection.


Test Reports and Certificates